Trauma Release

Letting go of traumas, pain and ballast can be done on various levels. Many of us have experienced all kinds of different traumas in our life. One trauma has made more impact than another trauma. That means that the impact of one can be stored deeper in your system than the other trauma. 

The physical level is what you know as your body, your body and anything you can physically touch or feel. So you store traumas in your physical energy. Think, for example, of the connective tissue (Fascia), muscles, organs, et cetera. If you have a trauma, the trauma can be physically located in, for example, certain muscles or in an organ. Like energy stuck in your body.

With Trauma Release Exercise you learn to discharge in a natural way with the help of bodywork. It is about releasing old (end new) stress, deep chronic tension and trauma. This method is based on the principle that stress, tension and trauma is not only psychological, but also physical. 

TRE helps your natural mechanism to release tension and return the body to its original state of peace and balance.

This method can be used well as healthy self-regulation. Once learned (often in 1 to 3 sessions) you can use this method independently as needed. It gives you control over your own stress regulation and therefore also a way to continuously improve and maintain your personal health.

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