Body-mind work

The body-mind work we developed in our Institute Leela and at our meditation center Quinta Quixote is based on Tantra in the original form. Tantra stands for totality. Totality of being in the here-and-now. Embracing life as it comes, and surrendering in the flow. Tantric touch is touching our fellow beings with total engagement and presence. Presence of consciousness, of being aware. If we do a bodywork we are engaging our total being and not a moment we use mechanical techniques. Whether it is meditative, chakra-acupuncture, holistic pulsing, trigger point massage, body2body massage or contact dance, we are fully here. This is the secret of being total, to get out of the head, into the engagement within the body-mind activity we conduct.

Body-mind work is offering an unique possibility of embracing yourself in the moment, in a touch-dialogue with the coach-therapist. We strive to a situation where we the body-mind system becomes engaged, either in deep relaxation, or in ecstatic movements. 


We create a safe place where we can discover our potential to be fully integrated beings again. Free of conventions and also free of our own conditioned reflexes. We embrace who we are, without the need to change. Instead of changing ourselves we want to pave the road to discover our true nature, our authentic self. 

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