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Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.


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Our Institute is called Institute Leela (/ˈliːlə/) Lila (Sanskrit: लीला līlā). Leela stands for "divine play". The concept of Leela stems from schools of Indian philosophy. Leela is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute (Brahman). We are allowed to participate in this divine play and reclaim our birthright as ecstatic and conscious beings. This is the essence of our Institute, to help people finding back their divine balance in body and mind.

Our Motivation

We have become a team thanks to finding each other at a meditation center in the Algarve and discovering we all share the same calling. Our main goal is to help our sisters and brothers in this world to learn to more fully embrace and enjoy life and themselves. In order to prevent diseases which are induced by living in our civilization with its many stressors and threats. And in order to reach a flow state, where we can discover and allow to become ourselves as we really are. So that we reach a new balance in our life, which enables us to become more fully alive. 

Our Philosophy


Our body-mind system needs much more to fully develop and bloom in this life than what society offers and standardizes. We want to help you reaching your full potential by offering a whole spectrum of amazing experiences based on ancient techniques. This will help you to reach a new balance in your life and support all the choices you make for yourself and your life. We are firm believers in the power of body-mind techniques. These techniques offer so much more than talking alone. It is about experiencing and being able to reach a state of awareness in all what is happening in and around you. The essence of our philosophy is that we are kept asleep in our life due to all conditionings and our originality is suppressed by society. We are not invited to embrace and live our life fully, drinking from its nectar and rejoicing. 

The Science


There are many chronic stressors nowadays in our western world. This results in a life where we are nearly constant in a state of alarm, defense, or no-action, like being frozen. This means our full potentiality cannot unfold, due to fear, shame, anger and anxiety. Our team selected a number of amazing techniques and methods to help you jump out of the box. Reinvent yourself. These techniques are based on ancient traditions, such as qigong, yoga, breathwork, meditative acupuncture, sound healing, mindful eating, meditation, Sufi dances and rhythmic movements, ecstatic dance techniques, massage and touch, and the tantric philosophy. Since the 1950s many studies have been conducted proving the healing properties of all these techniques. By combining techniques from different times and schools the team created a vortex of happenings, which will assist you to reset your being. In separate blogs we will give more of the scientific background of the various approaches. 

The Algarve, Portugal 

Once touted as Europe’s top secret, the Algarve has over the last few years become the go-to destination in Europe for a relaxing, laid-back and energy filling experience. Having a healthy and beautiful harmony between the coastal regions with beaches of white sand combined with crystal clear water and a countryside with fairy-tale like landscapes where colours blend in together, the Algarve offers much more than just the best weather across Europe. As a result, many decide to stay here, which is what our team members all share in common. We all soon discovered that the Algarve holds a special spirit and energy which, together with the right body-mind techniques and guidance, enables us to explore ourselves and experience our true beings.

For that very reason we decided to hold our retreat at a very special place located in a dazzling valley, in the very heart of the Algarve, a retreat which allows you to be fully immersed in the space, having a full body and mind experience together prompted with our program.

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